• Seriously shocking news today about the Welsh national football team manager, Gary Speed. He was found dead this morning, after appearing to take his own life. I saw the headline on my phone this morning and actually had to do a double take.
    A Premier League legend who seemed to be making huge strides with the Welsh team in recent months. So much to live for – rest in peace.

  • “She’s picked up her voicemails Bob! She’s alive!”

    No matter how many times I’ve seen that today, I still can’t believe it. For those unaware, this is what the mother of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler said to her husband when she was able to get through to her daughter’s voicemail. Before that moment, her voicemail was full. A glimmer of hope for a family going through hell.

    What she didn’t know at the time was that “journalists” – and I use that in the loosest possible way – from the now-closed News of the World had hacked into her missing daughter’s voicemail, and deleted some of the messages so that they could get some fresh material for their newspaper. Absolutely disgusting. Some people have no shame.

  • Fair to say I am a little bit addicted to Misfits¬†at the moment. Always been a huge fan since the first series, but it’s just struck me how consistently entertaining and gripping it is. Barely even noticed the lack of Nathan this series, either, which is a plus. A great British show, too.

  • Apologies for not writing anything for about ten days now – I’ve had a ton of work to do and it’s continuing! When I’m not working, I’m trying to have a life and also working on that secret project that I mentioned a few posts back.
    See, I told you updates were more common with ninthtank!

  • I am absolutely loving David Attenborough’s new show, Frozen Planet. I’m not always a fan of nature documentaries, but I watched Planet Earth a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I heard this had the same sort of scale, so I gave it a go and it’s one of my favourite shows of the year. The images they get are absolutely stunning, and I find it incredible that they manage to capture some of the moments they do. Absolutely brilliant.

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