• If you haven’t noticed, the springfield connection has recently redesigned. Last time we redesigned, coming up to three years ago, I wrote a post on here about why I did it and explaining the process and thinking that went behind it, so I thought I’d do a similar thing here. Hopefully you might find it quite interesting.

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  • Watched a brilliant film last night, called Boy A. It’s a few years old, but one of my friends suggested it a while ago and I’ve only just got round to watching it. It tells the story of a child killer being released back into society, with a new identity.

    The power of the film is its simplicity. Andrew Garfield does a fantastic job of portraying a man troubled by his own past, appreciating the simple things in life for the first time. The story is really interesting, revealing in flashbacks what happened earlier in his life, and you feel real sympathy with somebody trying to wipe his slate clean. Really thought provoking, and one of the best films I’ve watched recently.

  • I wanted to write something about this yesterday when it exploded, but I didn’t have the time. If you haven’t seen the Kony 2012 video yet, watch it and share it. I know that there are some people saying that the charity is a bit dodgy, but I think it’s grown beyond that and is very much about raising awareness. A very intriguing experiment, and an example of the sheer power of social media.

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