• Well, that was pretty amazing. With something like an opening ceremony, it’s difficult to please everybody. Danny Boyle, though, did an absolutely fantastic job, and that is a view held by the massive majority. The stadium looked absolutely beautiful, and, although I loved the green, the industrial revolution sequence that tore up the grass was such a spectacle. James Bond jumping from a helicopter with the Queen seems to be a lot of peoples highlight. The NHS segment, which I feared was going to be unbelievably cheesy, was brilliant. Caught up on the post-athletes section this morning, and it was amazing. The seven young athletes lighting the cauldron was inspired, and the cauldron itself – the way it formed inparticular – was just stunning. Really incredible stuff.

  • London 2012 is here.

  • It’s been a while since I wrote something here. How did that happen?! I have no idea. I have a couple of things to report, about my recent life, Brendan Rodgers being appointed Liverpool manager, The Amazing Spider-Man and a word on the current unavailability of the springfield connection. Mind-blowing stuff, I think you’ll agree.

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  • Flight Facilities – Dreams (In The Edit) The Hype Machine Listen on the Hype Machine 22 July 2012

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