• When I say eventful, I don’t really mean eventful. I just mean that, well, three things happened that could have each taken up one blog post. They wouldn’t have been particularly interesting, but who cares about that. However, I decided to shovel them all into this one post. All things that happened on 9th September, 2009.

    First up, and probably the main thing for most readers on here, is Apple’s rock and roll event. Just like every September, Apple has refreshed it’s iPod lineup in time for Christmas, and has also made some interesting changes to iTunes. The new iPods are actually very similar to the previous generation, but there are still minor changes. The iPod shuffle has been given some much needed colour, and a lower price that makes it almost irresistable for somebody looking for a budget MP3 player. The iPod classic‘s capacity has been bumped, and will surely be discontinued in the next year or two. The iPod touch has barely been changed at all – or am I missing something? – and is now being heavily advertised as a gaming machine, with a lower price to boot. You can’t argue with that, but you can argue with the lack of a camera that seemed a dead cert to be added. It really doesn’t affect me – in fact, it means that I have a current-gen iPod for two years, which is somewhat of a commodity – but if they never intend to add a camera to the touch, then it’s difficult to see where they can really go with it in the future.

    Onto the main announcement of the day, and even that was a bit underwhelming for a ‘one more thing’. Everybody knew that a camera was coming to the iPod nano, and keeping it at the same price is a really good piece of marketing. The new shiny colours probably need to be seen before I can pass any judgement, but I can’t believe the camera’s supposed inability to take pictures. You just expect a camera to take pictures – video is at a premium. Or at least that’s how I think. I personally take about 200 pictures for every video that I take. It just seems bizarre that they’ve missed this out – and you hope for anybody buying this new model that picture-taking can be added with a software update as opposed to a future hardware update, otherwise they’ll be seriously screwed over. On a sidenote, the built-in FM radio is really nice on the nano, especially the live pause and tagging features that they seemed to pass over in the keynote presentation. I’d really love something like that on my touch, but it’s obviously a hardware thing so wouldn’t be heading my way until the day I got a new iPod, which seems a long way off.

    As for iTunes, the changes seem quite refreshing to me. The whole design just seems a lot lighter, although there are a few bits that I’m not too keen on. Genius Mixes seem like a good idea, but I haven’t tested them out yet. The iTunes store also looks really nice, and I really dig the new feature area and consistent navigation. It’s a much-needed refresh, and it looks nice and clean. But overall, this keynote seemed really underwhelming and quite low-key. No real new products or hardware refreshes, no matter what they try and say. The iPod lineup looks very familiar to me, and I guess time will tell whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

    Moving on to another subject entirely, England qualified for the World Cup in South Africa last night with an impressive 5-1 victory over Croatia at Wembley. You can’t be disappointed with eight wins out of eight, and qualifying with maximum points is fantastic after the horrendous Euro 2008 qualifying disaster. Well done Fabio.

    And, on a closing note, did you see Derren Brown predicting the lottery last night? It was actually madness, and if you’re a UK visitor then you can watch it for the next four weeks on 4oD – right here. I’ve heard all sorts of theories for it, but I’m definitely going to be watching his show tomorrow night where he has vowed to explain how he did it, and even tell the viewers how to do it. Seems to rule out TV wizardry, but I can’t even think of any other explanation.

    So that’s it for now. Expect some more exciting blog posts to come up.

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