• You’ll probably remember Bite being a recurring theme over my last few blog posts, and how I have decided to put it off for now. I realised what a mammoth project it was going to be, even when I was just preparing a couple of the articles I was going to be putting into the launch ‘issue’. I essentially fell in love with the design I had made for it – which I’ll show you later – and I hadn’t really thought about how I was going to write five chunky articles every month. I simply have too much else on to accommodate this, with keeping the springfield connection up to scratch and of course, university work. The order of those two should probably be reversed…

    So what was Bite? It was supposed to be a web magazine, if you didn’t know already. Every month, there would be five new articles – a cover story, that dominated the homepage, and four supporting stories. Inside, you could add stories to your ‘bookmarks’, and look at the most bookmarked stories to see which were the most popular. The whole site was going to be automated, so that new articles were going to be uploaded during the first minute of each month. That meant that I could add articles at my own pace throughout the month, and it also meant that I didn’t need to bother myself with launching the new ‘issue’ at the start of every month. I was also investigating adding really useful user accounts to the site. This may not sound like much, but to me it felt like what a web magazine should be like. If I were to relaunch Springfield Defined, which inspired this brief venture, this is exactly how I would have done it. As it is, I have merely improved my coding and designing ability with WordPress.

    And about the design, I’ve put that in for you below.

    Bite design

    I would love to think that you can see the potential in this design just like I did. It follows the very image-based design format that I’ve been using this year, really, but it really seems to work for this context. The cover story, which had the large image dedicated to it, was obviously the main feature each month, and this would also help to make the site look different every month – just like a real magazine. The four other articles are then linked along the bottom, with a brief description. The navigation is simply along the top, with a small logo – the large one is embedded into the feature image. It may look a really simple design, and it was, but I felt that was what made it work. It was still pretty complex to code with WordPress, though.

    So, there you go. The inner workings of what would have been Bite. I’ve kept the subdomain on the springfield connection, right here, and I am aiming to use that subdomain – and the Bite name – for another small project that I’m working on. It’s nothing like the scale of Bite, but it’s basically a way of extending Drain technology into the wider web. If it comes together as I’d like, it’ll be pretty cool. But it will only be something basic, and I’ll be constantly tweaking and changing it. Sort of a functional test. So keep your eyes peeled for that. Hopefully, it’ll last longer than the last Bite.

    Oh, and since it’s new years eve-eve, I hope you all have a great night tomorrow and have a really enjoyable twenty-ten.

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