• I am aware that comments still aren’t back, and that the site is still very much bare bones. However, I am going to get it back to normal very very soon – I’ve just been mad busy all week, and it’s going to be that way for a while. This is high up my list of priorities though!

    EDIT! Comments are back, and I’m just about to put the links to the pages back in the header. So, it may still feel a bit bare bones, but it’s getting better gradually!

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  • it’s working again! ;)

    ...Andy on
  • Close one! Good thing you had at least a basic backup :P

    Personally Andy, I use the “WordPress Database Backup” plugin, it works great. I have it set up to send a backup of my site to my email twice a day. Then, in Gmail, I set up a filter that catches those emails, marks them as read, and files them into a certain Label. This way I have a backup on my email whenever I need it. For better protection, think about saving one of those occasionaly to your pc, all though it’s unlikely your emails going anywhere ;)

    Nice to see it back though!

    ...Damien on
  • Oh yes, and for the actual themes, I usually edit them through the WordPress interface, and thus newer copies aren’t stored on my pc. I would reccomend downloading at least your themes folder every couple weeks, or perhaps after every big change. ;)

    ...Damien on
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