• Regular Thinktank readers will know very well that I am a huge Lost fan. So, the start of the sixth and final season makes me a little sad, but also pretty excited – because we’ll finally get to see what the series has been about. The countless mysteries that have become the core of the show – it’s a completely different show to what it was in its early days, and I guess this has been a necessary switch of attention to make a show that some think is just about a plane crash last this long. Maybe, just maybe, some of these lingering questions will be answered.

    When I watched the first episode about two weeks ago, I realised straight away that this season wasn’t just going to be about answers. I’d already seen the first four minutes of the new season that was released a few days early, and I thought I had the plot for this series nailed on – the hydrogen bomb had worked, and the plane never crashed. I had actually guessed this was going to happen, with the story focusing around how destiny drove them to the island anyway. But I suppose this wouldn’t have given as many answers as we would have hoped, and can the show really spend a large chunk of the season away from the island? I don’t think so.

    And clearly, the creator’s didn’t agree either. Because, aswell as the non-crash universe, there’s a universe where the hydrogen bomb didn’t work – where our Dharma folks were transported to the present day from 1977. Where nothing had changed, and where fake John Locke had just persuaded Ben to kill Jacob, the mysterious leader – or what is he? – of the island. Fake John Locke is, of course, the smoke monster that we’ve been puzzled by throughout the series. Seeing these two alternate storylines – the flash-sideways, as the creator’s have dubbed them – immediately confused me, in typical Lost fashion.

    Did you just understand anything I have just said? I’d be surprised if you did – it’s nearly impossible to explain the show to anybody that hasn’t been watching before. But I was just as confused when the Losties went to the temple – yet more mysterious people, apparently trying to kill Sayid. It’s clear that there’s a lot more to come from this storyline, and in fairness to the writers, the second episode in the series that aired this week already answered a couple of niggling questions. Thinking about it, I would be a bit disappointed if a Lost series premiere didn’t make you confused as hell. It’s been a common feature, at least in the last few series.

    But, to me at least, the most interesting part of the series so far has come in the off-island plots. There are small differences that really make you think – people are missing on the plane, Desmond most notably is on the plane, and the island itself is underwater. Add to that the irony in the last episode of Ethan, who was killed by our castaways early on in the show, being a doctor in this alternate universe that delivers Claire’s baby. This inter-linking of our characters’ lives makes for really interesting viewing, and the concept that their lives were linked even if they didn’t crash on the island has a lot of potential that can make this last season the best one yet.

    I was tossing up between writing about this new series of Lost and Avatar, the highest grossing movie of all time that I finally saw for the first time a few weeks ago. Or I could’ve written about the iPad. Maybe I’ll write about them next time – in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve started to write beefier blogs ever four or five weeks. I would love to give the Tank a bit more love, but I simply don’t have the time. Hope you’re still enjoying reading it though…both of you!

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