• Apologies for the silence on my part over the last few weeks, but I’ve had millions of other things on my mind. My internet’s been up and down, and I’ve just generally had loads to do. So, apologies.

    I’ll start with the bombshell that Thinktank is on the front page of CSS Gallery as I write this (#), which isn’t very exciting considering I submitted it myself…but still! Progressing bit by bit aha.

    I’ve also, in case you didn’t notice, flipped the switch on the comments and all of the content. There’s a tiny problem with the bottom of the music page, but that’ll get fixed in a second when I have the time. I’ve also upgraded to WordPress 2.7 Coltrane, and it’s looking really good so far. The new admin interface is really different, but familiar – and it’s very classy, and made installing the new database backup system a breeze ( ;

    I still hope to add some of the backdated posts when I can, because it is depressing that I’ve lost so much. Another update before Christmas, promise!

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