• Well, after a couple of days down, we’re back up. But, there’s a massive catch. All of the posts have been lost, apart from the backup that I made in March. So all of the posts that I’ve made since sixthtank launched have gone. It is my fault, really, for not backing up – and it’s a habit that I definitely need to get into. I may well restore those posts if I can find a few posts to fill the gap – Google cache could be a saviour on this front – or I may just start from scratch from here. Either way, backups need to be done constantly, and I’ve learnt my lesson now.

    As WordPress was literally installed about half an hour ago, the pages haven’t been set up yet. These will arrive some time this week I hope, and I’ve got all of them stored on my hard drive, so no worries as far as that is concerned. The tagging system will have completely gone up in flames, which is particularly annoying – took a long time going back to February 2007 to tag all of the posts! Maybe, just maybe, they’ll all be back. We’d like to hope so.

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