• A month isn’t that much time. It’s four weeks, roughly, since I last updated the blog. Okay, I admit it’s ridiculous, verging on pathetic, that it’s been that long. How can I explain it? It’s been Christmas, obviously, then new year, obviously, then I took the site decorations down with the intention of updating and that was, well, weeks ago. I’ve had exams over the last few weeks, and I still have one coming up. So, it’s been admittedly hard to find time to update. But I should’ve done, because it annoys me when I don’t.
    Hope you all had a great Christmas and new year, I did! Seems like an eternity ago now, what a shame.
    It’s Obama day today, at least that’s what I call it. And there seems to be a real positivity coming out of the man, which is great. Just keep George Bush away, that’s fine.
    In my quest to cover as much as possible, I resort to Liverpool. No longer capital of culture, no longer top of the league and seemingly in the middle of freezing weather and what looks like more rain. So, spare a thought.

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