• Winter warmers. I’ve done this once before, and I quite enjoy doing it – so I’m doing it again. If I had loads of money right now – which, obviously, I don’t – I would probably go out and buy all of these. Their muted colours are perfect for heading into autumn and winter.

    I love these sort of coats because you can wear them in a smart or casual way. I’m not a big fan of black, so I often go for a charcoal-y grey colour which works really well with coats. It will keep you lovely and warm as the mercury plummets.

    Likewise, the Fairisle jumper. The colour may seem a little odd, but teamed with the others it’s really effective. Everybody should have a patterned ‘christmas jumper’ because they’re so warm and, again, really versatile. I often wear mine around the house.

    I’ve finally turned to chinos. I really didn’t like them when they were growing in popularity at the beginning of the year, but after working over the summer I’ve realised that they’re an essential item. Tobacco is a great colour, because it goes with a lot – white, black or colours – and they add a bit of variety if you get a bit sick of wearing jeans all the time. Be a bit inventive – don’t just wear them on nights out, because they’re great everyday wear too.

    Finally, boots. It was a toss-up between leather boots and high-top trainers, but I went for the boots because they go well with the coat and help to even out the smartness. Try tucking the chinos in.

    See, I told you Thinktank was going to be active again! More posts like this, and more, will be coming soon.

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