• So, it’s been a little while since I have had anything worthwhile to write about, or more importantly the time to write it. But, all of my work is handed in and I’ve got a little bit of free time now before my lectures restart. And hey, look what I got for Christmas!¬†Fair to say it is a little bit amazing.

    Yes, it’s an absolutely beautiful black iPad 2. This was literally the biggest surprise I have had for Christmas for ages, and it was one million percent unexpected. I’ve always quietly thought that they were amazing devices, but a little bit of a luxury and therefore not really necessary for my student life. I am constantly on my laptop at uni, whether I’m working, watching something or just catching up on Facebook, Twitter and the latest news. I’ve had a few irritating problems with it recently, though, ranging from a broken screen to a broken adapter. I think that’s what was in my parents’ minds when they decided to buy me a tablet, and it means that I’ll be less dependent on my laptop now unless I’m being productive.

    It’s a funny thing, because it’s hard to pin down an exact reason for an iPad. It’s great for looking at photos, and the social apps are great. I always used to find myself checking Facebook and Twitter on my iPod touch, but that’s been getting slower and slower and is now no longer updated by Apple. The iPad is great, though, for anything casual. If you can’t be bothered getting your laptop, and sitting there typing, just pick it up and prod and swipe away. I’ve been using it much more than I thought I ever would.

    But it’s obviously the apps that make the device really shine. I am hooked on plenty of games already, which makes me somewhat surprised that I got my essays done on time, and the newspaper apps – the Guardian inparticular – are amazing, although my free trial has now expired and I’m not in a position to stump up the hefty subscription fee for something I can consume in Safari, albeit in a less beautiful form. iBooks proved really handy when I was working, as I downloaded PDFs to it and I found that reading journals – something that is usually the bane of my existence – was actually quite easy. Lean back, swipe through the pages and bookmark pages as and when there’s something useful. We’ve just booked a family holiday for this summer, and we used the Hotels.com and TripAdvisor apps almost exclusively to scout down the best places. I’m also excited about being able to Skype people from my iPad when I go back to uni!

    It’s also incredibly thin and light, and while it’s a fingerprint magnet, I’ve got a lovely black leather cover to keep it protected. One of my favourite features is such a small thing, and it’s the way the screen switches on when you unfold the cover. It’s little touches like this that make Apple devices what they are.

    Will it replace my laptop? Not at all. I couldn’t write an essay on there, I can’t watch some things online on it like I normally do and I can’t do any of my web design or coding on it. Essentially, I’ve found me using it like a big iPod touch. I’ve found myself using that almost exclusively for music and, of course, Tiny Wings, and due to it’s age that’s probably quite a good thing. An iPad is never something I would ask for, because it’s a pure luxury – but you would never say no to one, would you?

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