• So, I guess it’s time to finally confirm this. The springfield connection, unfortunately, won’t be coming back. I’m writing this post to say  a massive thank you to everyone that has visited, supported and enjoyed the site over the last few years.

    Why have I made this decision? We changed host about five weeks ago, and we’ve had nothing but problems from the moment we switched. The domain transfer didn’t go smoothly, and it basically left the site in limbo, with nobody from the host willing to respond to numerous support tickets. After a few weeks of wracking my brain about what I can do, I was basically left with one choice if I wanted to bring the site back – relaunch it again on a new domain.

    But I really didn’t want to have to do this again. Our changing domains over the course of the site’s history have been part of the reason why it’s felt like we’re starting from scratch every few years. I feel that over the last few years, we’ve started to build up a bit of a name for ourself within the community, and our statistics show that a large proportion of our visitors were return visitors. Change the domain, and they won’t necessarily know where to return to.

    At the back of my mind has also been the realisation that I won’t be able to keep the site running for ever. I was willing to commit to another year at least when I signed up for a new hosting package, but what with all of the problems I subsequently encountered with it, I started having second thoughts. Maybe this was a chance to go out on a relative high, when the site has probably reached the peak of its popularity.

    I also can’t disguise the fact that I’m just not a massive fan of the Simpsons anymore, which makes me running a Simpson fansite somewhat counterproductive. I can’t hide the fact that designing and maintaining a site with a relatively large number of visitors was a greater motivation for me, and it basically just gave me something to work on and improve my design skills. It’s frustrating that I’ve just spent about five months redesigning the site in my spare time, but at least I got to show off the finished product for a little while. I was working on little things – an improved Drain aggregator, for one – but even the thought of launching that couldn’t motivate me to bring the springfield connection back.

    It may seem like a strange decision to some, but it is what it is. I haven’t rushed into it – the site has been down for over a month – but I also can’t disguise the fact that, after a few weeks of frustration with the host, I eventually just gave up trying. The springfield connection had a great run – it originally launched on August 1, 2004, over 8 years ago, although it has been offline for spells during that time – but I just feel like now is probably the right time to draw things to a close.

    So again, thank you for the support you’ve given the springfield connection over the last 8 years, and particularly the last four when I’ve been running it on my own. I’ve really tried to make the site stand out – with content such as our episode guide, Drain news aggregator and UK TV listings – and I hope you’ll agree that I’ve tried to frame the content within a creative and different design from other sites in the community. Incidentally, if anybody is interested in acquiring any of the content from the site, email me at andy [dot] was [dot] here1 [at] gmail [dot] com, but this isn’t a free for all. I’m just keen to see some of the things the site introduced continue in some way, not least because I found some things really useful. I feel at a bit of a loss without the No Homers ratings in the episode guide, as strange as that sounds!

    I’m planning to keep on tweeting @springfieldconn - although probably less regularly – so I guess in a way the springfield connection lives on. But this is the end of the road for springfieldconnection.net – thanks for the ride.

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