• This guy is on absolute fire at the moment. 10 goals in 12 league games is a great return, and he’s single-handedly dragging Liverpool towards January where we’ll hopefully be able to add more goals to the team. I’ve never really seen him as an out-and-out goalscorer, but he’s proving a lot of people wrong at the moment. Long may it continue!

    I haven’t really written much about Liverpool for a while (or anything else, for that matter) so thought I’d share a few thoughts on our start to the season. It’s been disappointing, true, but we’ve put in some good performances in a difficult start, and we’ve been on the end of some questionable decisions. The club is united at the moment, though, and the vast majority of fans are firmly behind Brendan Rodgers. I put myself in that camp, too – he’s destined for big things, and I hope those things happen at Anfield.

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