• Prepare to rub your eyes in general astonishment, or pure fear and disgust. As the very eagle-eyed amongst you will no doubt have already discovered, the strikethrough on the navigation bar – music – has disappeared, meaning that the page is now open!

    I’ve been working on it for a little while now, and while that may not immediately be apparent, you should know that I’ve written all of the reviews on that page and personally looked through my iTunes library to see what deserves a mention at launch. Over time, more and more bands will be added for your viewing/listening pleasure. In-page listening would be fantastic, but kind’ve tacky.

    Speaking of tacky, the design is a bit different to the rest of the site, but not overly so. Why is this? Sheer experimentation – I wanted to go for something brash but still dominating, and I hope I’ve hit the right balance. The actual pictures are the main parts of the page, and they are what the page is designed around. However, it all still links in to the main style with the orange/grey colour scheme and the greyscale images. All of the tiling is intentional, by the way, and the fantastic five slider at the bottom will be regularly updated.

    So, let me know what you think. This is sheerly a base, and it might be worth knowing that this is my first attempt at a traditional static page on the site since ‘Reviews’ disappeared with the previous redesign, so I may be a little rusty. Comment it upppp.

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