• I’ll come clean – I wasn’t planning on launching this design until after my exams are over, so sometime closer to the end of the month. However, during my (very regular!) revision breaks, I’ve been working on both this and the springfield connection, and now they’re both finished. And, because I really, really, really like this design, I thought I may aswell open it up now. And it was surprisingly easy, in fact so easy that you probably didn’t even see the teaser page I spent five minutes making, damn.

    So what do you think? I went for a really unique homepage that uses a neat Javascript effect I found called Moving Boxes. I was a bit undecided about whether it would work with a blog, but I got thinking and realised this was how I wanted it to be. I decided to go for something completely different to version six, and hopefully it’s paid off. There will still be some tweaking here and there – I’m not at all happy with how you view archived posts, but I’ll sort that out hopefully – but the core is here. Comments? Done. Internals? Done. Classy LastFM powered music page? Done! ; )

    I really hope you like it – I’ve put a lot of effort into it, and I’ve had so many unused ideas that I was starting to wonder if I would ever find a design I liked. But I feel like I’ve hit the nail on the head with this. Hopefully you will, too.

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  • Very nice! The new look is light and clean :) Out of curiosity, is it a plugin you’re using on your music page for Last.Fm? If so, what one?? :D

    ...Damien on
  • not a plugin, no, but it was something from http://last.aelabs.net/
    it’s just a line of javascript for what’s playing, i’ll send you it if you can’t find it!

    ...Andy on
  • Awesome, thanks!

    ...Damien on
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