• Hello team. I felt like writing another blog post, but unlike the last few, I have nothing inparticular to write about. So, I’m afraid it’s back to writing about all sorts of random things that come to mind – momentarily. Awesome.
    I am literally doing nothing with my life at the moment. I’m just sitting around, waiting for September and university life to hit me head on. When I say sitting around, I don’t mean that I’m not going out – that could not be more wrong. I mean that I’m just sitting around in the daytime, finding nothing better to do with myself other than generally watching Lost. And then at night, it’s time to play the town game. I could not have a more exciting life right now.

    But you know something, I’m actually finding it really weird to not have any designing to do. I’d been working on the new springfield connection since April, and there was always something that needed tweaking with that. Then there was this very Thinktank design, which – while not taking quite as long as it’s Springfieldian brother – still took up quite a lot of time. I guess I’ve become so used to having some designing to do, that I feel a little lost when it’s all done. But it’s a huge relief to have them both out of the way in one swoop. Two birds with one stone, and I’m still loving them both an insane amount.

    But, even though I’m not actively involved in designing at the moment, my design hat is still very much firmly on my head. For example, I’m admiring how amazingly well-made the Channel 4 website is. In fact, it probably had a little influence on how I made TSC. I love the dominating image, and the simplified navigation, and it’s style is so unique to Channel 4 that it’s unlike any other broadcaster’s website in this country. Their new 4oD section is also really, really nicely designed.

    So, that random aside apart, what have I been doing with myself? Tweaking designs – there’ve been a couple of improvements to the TSC episode guide, with more minor changes coming; creating new content – I’m hoping to finish off season 20 in the guide in the next few days, and I really want to beef up the media section; moving domains – tsc dot babysimpson is no more, thanks to Brian who cemented his legendary status by donating springfield-connection.com to TSC; and generally making plans for the future. I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve, which will probably come out to play over the summer.

    Speaking of summer, I’ve got a couple of holidays coming up. I’m going away for a week with my friends in a few days time, and then I’ll be back for a week before heading off to Orlando, Florida. I’m really, really looking forward to it – and keep your fingers crossed that Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is open by then! The delays that coaster is suffering are ridiculous, but it still looks pretty awesome.

    Err, so have I covered just about everything that there is to cover? Yeah, I’m pretty sure I have. Sorry for the general randomness of this post – I’m trying to steer towards writing blog posts about particular things now ;D – but I just wanted to check in before I go on holiday. I’ll try and squeeze another one in when I get back, too. Wish me luck.

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  • Have a great holiday(s) Andy:)

    ...Brian on
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