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  • I’ve recently redesigned the springfield connection – my other site – and I thought I’d write an in-depth overview of the redesign process here for those that are interested!

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  • Obviously, the best thing to do when you’re meant to be revising is redesigning your website. And, four days before your hardest exam, why not launch it? Seems like a plan.

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  • Hello again. It’s been too long – again. But I have reasons for not updating – again. And it’s not like the blog is a hotbed of activity or anything, until I refresh it and redesign it – again.

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  • I still love the tank, but I would like to apologise for not updating for five or six weeks. The thought of updating hasn’t even crossed my mind, if I’m honest. I’m a procrastinator, whoops.

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  • Apologies for the silence on my part over the last few weeks, but I’ve had millions of other things on my mind. My internet’s been up and down, and I’ve just generally had loads to do.

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  • I am aware that comments still aren’t back, and that the site is still very much bare bones. However, I am going to get it back to normal very very soon – I’ve just been mad busy all week.

  • Well, after a couple of days down, we’re back up. But, there’s a massive catch. All of the posts have been lost, apart from the backup I made in March. And let’s just say that’s not great.

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  • Prepare to rub your eyes in astonishment, because the eagle-eyed amongst you will no doubt have already discovered that the music page is now live. It looks quite horrible, really.

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