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  • Welcome to thinktank version eight – also known as eighthtank. I’ve opted to change the site around again this time, to make it so much easier for me to just throw small things in aswell as the big things that I like to write.

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  • Time for answers…or is it? The sixth and final season of Lost has finally kicked off, with the promise that the show would finally start to answer the questions it has thrown up over the years. Spoilers ahead.

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  • Obviously, the best thing to do when you’re meant to be revising is redesigning your website. And, four days before your hardest exam, why not launch it? Seems like a plan.

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  • Well, after a couple of days down, we’re back up. But, there’s a massive catch. All of the posts have been lost, apart from the backup I made in March. And let’s just say that’s not great.

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